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Create Aid is a Humanitarian Venture in the form of an Online Artist Residency / Art Gallery which works to create a Grassroots Movement for the Appreciation, Promotion and Education of the Arts, as well as to assist persons in need by Proposing and Curating Creative Projects that address Basic and Complex Humanitarian Issues.

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​Sophia Goehner

Mixed Media Artist and Creative Content Specialist.


​Resident Unknown

Whatever you do. We've got room for you.


​Resident Unknown

Whatever you do. We've got room for you.

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A Humanitarian, Equitable, For Profit Venture

"The third economic form will arise not only through the two older forms [Capitalism and Communism] first modifying and then synthesizing one another, but also through the imperative needs of our own time forcing our inventiveness and creativeness to add their special contribution."

Paul Brunton

795 Million


3 Billion


100 Million


1.25 Billion


450 Million

Mentally Ill

1 Billion


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